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Erik James Montgomery is a fine art photographer, educator, and artivist who focuses his lens on the pressing cultural and social justice issues of our time. Initially self-taught, Montgomery went on to study at the Academy of Art University and Columbia University.

Erik’s fine art photography focuses on inspirational, cultural, societal themes. His viewpoint is from a fine art perspective where his imagery tells a complete story in one image. Erik’s photography gives a visual voice to every one of his subjects thereby becoming an important photographic storyteller of this era.

Montgomery’s series “Red, White, Blue, and YOU” examines the impact of Race, Racism, and Racial Reconciliation in America. His images are based on historical accounts, cultural explorations, and the desire for an accurate visual articulation for People of Color everywhere. Although some of these photographs are striking they are also thought and conversation provoking. From 1619 to 1865 to 1965 to today, this series spans the journey of Black people to become recognized as people.

“Photography is a powerful form of communication because it transcends all the barriers of language. Through my art, I am able to speak to anyone in the world, about their world, in order to change the world.”

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